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AXIOM Implant & Specialty Dentistry is a private dental practice in Las Vegas, Nevada dedicated to comprehensive rehabilitation of the teeth, bone, and soft tissue of the mouth via oral and implant surgery, IV sedation and general anesthesia, and specialty endodontics (root canal treatment). Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and the latest clinical techniques, AXIOM’s board-certified doctors continue to elevate the standard of care, one patient at a time.

Discover the difference in personalized, solutions-based, advanced dental treatment at AXIOM. Every day we provide answers to our patients suffering from missing teeth, loose dentures, lost aesthetics, severe pain, fear and anxiety, and a general decrease in the overall quality of their lives based on their current oral health. We look forward to doing the same for you.

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Dental Implants

Dental implants are the heart of AXIOM, and are positively changing the way our patients live. Implants provide a fixed foundation for replacement teeth that feel and function, as well as look, like natural teeth.

IV Sedation & General Anesthesia

Implant dentistry is inherently a surgical procedure, and the practice of specialty endodontics (or root canal therapy) can often provoke high anxiety and fear. AXIOM provides both intravenous sedation and general anesthesia so our patients can complete their necessary treatment comfortably relaxed.

Specialty Endodontics

Root canal therapy can save natural teeth with an infected or necrotic pulp (nerve). AXIOM provides complex root canal therapies by an endodontic specialist, with all treatment rendered under a surgical operating microscope for enhanced visualization and better results.

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We designed AXIOM Implant & Specialty Dentistry to provide a one-on-one experience, from your very first visit. Implant dentistry, sedation and anesthesia services, and specialty endodontics do not fit within the realm of routine treatment, requiring advanced credentialing, knowledge, skillsets, technology, and education to perform successfully. From 3D imaging and digital procedural planning to the utilization of the highest quality implant systems and parts, board-certified doctors in their respective fields to comfortable outpatient surgical suites, AXIOM skimps on nothing to provide our patients with every available treatment option, so they can make a smart, informed decision. We pride ourselves on doing things better and look forward to meeting you!

— Dr. Matt Welebir, Owner & Founder

Board-Certified Doctors

AXIOM Implant & Specialty Dentistry’s services are routinely more complex than your everyday dental procedure. Dr. Welebir is a Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry, the only one in the State of Nevada; he is also an Associate Fellow with the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (Fellow pending) and a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. Dr. Okundaye is a Diplomate of both the American and National Dental Boards of Anesthesiology, and a Fellow of the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology. And Dr. Rakich is a specialist in Endodontics, with his practice limited to only that field. Implant dentistry, anesthesia, and tricky root canals are what we do…we invite you to experience the difference.

The Most Ideal Treatment, for every Budget

The idea of replacing teeth with partial or complete dentures is archaic. Technology has forced both dentistry and medicine to evolve and dental implant therapy is our practice’s standard of care, and the best treatment currently available for missing teeth. Not only do implants replace teeth, they prevent further bone loss, provide facial support, a massive improvement in function and aesthetics, not to mention a huge boost in self-confidence. Come meet with us to discuss your options, to fit both your needs and your pocketbook.

Safety & Quality

If you are considering dental implant surgery, we take every facet of your treatment very seriously. Your safety and comfort are first and foremost, with continual monitoring during anesthesia and utilization of only the most-researched, high-quality implant systems (you get what you pay for). Each case is individualized and highly private, driven by computer diagnostics and planning, and completed in our spacious surgical suites, with the utmost attention to infection control and efficiency metrics. Receiving a dental implant is nothing like “getting a filling”…nearly half of our cases are 2nd opinions. So do your research, we warmly welcome any and all questions.

Sedation & Anesthesia

Having any type of dentistry done can be scary, we know! Receiving treatment, notably undergoing advanced procedures that can take longer than more routine ones, often require more than just being “numb”. Our practices are site-certified by the Nevada State Board of Dental Examiners for both IV sedation and general anesthesia, with its providers carrying permits beyond conventional dental licensure for the administration of anesthesia. Procedures are completed more safely, more expeditiously, and more comfortably…all while you sleep.

Why choose us?

Our Mission

AXIOM Implant & Specialty Dentistry’s mission is to provide the highest level of surgical and prosthetic implant dentistry, coupled with advanced specialty endodontics and in-office anesthesia services. This provides a unique position in that all complex treatment needs can be met under one roof. We also pride ourselves on honest and highly open conversation, with no hidden agendas or fees, and all treatment explained to the last detail, with every question answered. All doctors have taught, and continue to teach, at the post-graduate level; clear communication followed by science-driven treatment to ensure excellent prognoses are our hallmarks. Come experience the AXIOM difference.

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Amanda Okundaye, DDS, FADSA

Amanda Okundaye, DDS, FADSA

Douglas Rakich, DDS

Douglas Rakich, DDS

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